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“Reach for the top of the tree and you may get to the first branch, but reach for the stars and you’ll get to the top of the tree.” 


Outcomes at Meadlands are excellent.  Pupils achieve significantly above national averages at the end of all Key Stages across all subjects. 


Meadlands' results have continued to be on an upward trajectory, we are true to our school vision as we never sit on our laurels but strive to learn more and be better! Back in 2019, which was the last time official (SATs) school data was collected and compared to national outcomes, the school achieved its highest ever attainment and progress scores in many areas of the curriculum. Indeed, we keep on dreaming big and in 2023 we again achieved our highest ever Key Stage 2 results.




Due to school closure, no Statutory assessments took place in 2019-2020 and 2020-21.  However, we continued to complete teacher assessments for all year groups. We always moderate our teacher assessments in school and with our local schools.  


Early Years Attainment Outcomes: Percentage of children achieving the Good Level of Development (GLD) at Meadlands








Year 1 Attainment Outcomes: Percentage of children passing the Phonics Test at Meadlands







Year 2 Attainment Outcomes: Percentage of children achieving the expected standard & exceeding the expected standard.

Please note final outcomes are a summary of teacher assessment and test results






















Year 4 Multiplication Check: 

Percentage of children who achieved over 80% (please note there is no statutory pass mark)






Year 6 Attainment Outcomes: Percentage of children achieving the expected standard & exceeding the expected standard.

Please note final outcomes for Reading, Grammar and Maths are based on SATs and Writing is teacher assessed. 
































Expected standard



Year 6, Key Stage 2 SATs Scaled Scores and Value Added

Scaled Score:

This scaled score information gives the average score of a pupil Meadlands alongside the average score nationally. Writing is not scored as assessment is made on a portfolio of work not a test.  


Value Added:

Progress means knowing more and remembering more. And at Meadlands we measure this by setting personalised targets for every pupil and tracking their progress towards these targets throughout the year. At the end of the summer term teachers and senior leaders are able to measure the percentage of good progress in each class by assessing the number of pupils who have achieved their targets.  


Teachers work with senior leaders every half term to monitor the progress all pupils are making, anyone who is falling behind is quickly identified and support is put in place. This support might be extra help in class, an intervention targeting specific learning or a meeting with the child's parents to discuss strategies that can be supported at home as well as in school.  


At the end of Key Stage 2, the government measures the progress the children have made during their time at school by comparing the pupils' end of Key Stage 1 SATs scores to their end of Key Stage 2. 


At Meadlands we have high expectations and we are proud that our pupils' progress outcomes exceed national. The national measure for progress is '0'.  Anything below this is below national standards and above is above! Scores 4 or more points above are often deemed very high performing schools.