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School Closure: Learning at Home

Lessons for the week commencing: Monday 1 June
Music Learning for EYFS


Play the game: What’s the sound? You could play this online version, or, you could make your own by recording your own sounds around your house – all mobile phones have a voice recorder app embedded within the settings, just type ‘voice recorder’ into the search bar in settings. Once you have recorded four or five, test out your brothers and sisters! See how good they are at recognising sounds.


Music Learning for KS1 Lesson 1 build your own drum kit from things around your house. Lesson 2: Gettting the right grip on your sticks Lesson 3: How to play a basic back beat.

 If this seems a bit too tricky, cut out the bass drum and just try the snare and high-hat parts!


Music Learning for KS2


This week, you can either:


-          Try out the KS1 drumming lesson with equipment from your kitchen, taught by the girl from the Argos Christmas advert, Nandi!

-          continue with or, you can try your hand at DJ’ing:

-          Create your own Hip Hop track:


Lessons for the week commencing: Monday 18 May
Music Learning for EYFS


This is one of my favourite pieces of music for piano. Click the link to watch a Cbeebies animation: enjoy listening and try out your own ballet dance moves! If you would like to see a pianist performing the track properly, click this link:


Music Learning for KS1


Here is another Doodle from Google called Theramin:


Click the link, follow the video tutorial and try making your own melodies!


Music Learning for KS2


Navigate your way to Team Tutti!


Every week new lessons and content will be unlocked and things will become more challenging as children progress. It’s designed to be fun but also educational.  There is no cost to parents in using Team Tutti – it is the side project for a Richmond based company, M:Tech and comes recommended to us by Richmond Music Trust.  The platform is completely secure and safe to use. M:Tech have designed the whole thing and created the content so it’s ideal for children aged 7-13.


So please visit , enjoy the introduction video and get busy composing your own music!​



Lessons for the week commencing: Monday 11 May
Music Learning for EYFS

This week I would like you to perform your own songs. You could make a video of you performing your favourite nursery rhymes or pop songs. Or, you could make up your own song about anything at all: your toys; Mrs Wolfreys and the nursery; your family – anything at all! Send it to me securely at

Music Learning for KS1 and KS2

I found this whilst opening a new tab the other day:
Of course, I would like you to experiment in composing your own sound pictures but for extra house points, maybe you could also search up Oskar Fischinger and make a presentation about him, his work and philosophy. Send it all to me at: 

Lessons for the week commencing: Monday 4 May


Music tasks for EYFS


Do you know Singing Hands? They are friends with Mr Tumble and occasionally have appeared on his show on the television. They are also quite local in the Richmond area. This is their youtube channel: At Meadlands, we love singing and signing. This week pick one of their songs to learn and practise the signing too.
If you would like to contact me to show me your learning, you can via:
Music tasks for KS1


Do, re, mi, fa , so, la, ti, do! Can you sing a scale? I know you can!
If the weather is good this week, I recommend trying this outside on your balcony or in your garden! You will need some mugs (or glasses, if you are allowed - but mugs work just as well!) You might also find a jug useful, for topping up the water as you go. Watch this video to get the idea:
Start with one empty mug and listen to the sound it makes when you tap it gently with a spoon. In a second mug, pour a little water. Listen to the sound. Try to make it sound the next note in the scale. Keep going until you have 7 sounds - now try to play a tune, such as Frere Jaques or Twinkle, twinkle. Or, better still, compose your own tune and sing me a song!  Send your video to:
Music tasks for KS2


It features a musician called Bobby Mcferrin but he has been invited to speak at a Science conference. Bear this in mind as you watch as the audience are scientists, not musicians! Can they do as he asks? Find out!
Now try making your own piece of pentatonic music on your piano....What? No piano at home? No problem! Download one for free and use your keyboard on your laptop, or, tap the piano keys on your ipad/other device:
If you would like to send me your learning via a video, my address is :

Lessons for the week commencing: Monday 27 April


Music tasks for Years 1 to 6 


Follow the link and select your year group. Click on the Music lesson. Have a look at the different activities and try out as many as you like. A a pair of headphones might be preferable so as not to disturb others in your home!


I would love to see your learning - send me photo or videos (with the permission from your folks) or just an email to my music address:


Don't forget to continue to practise your ukulele, recorder, Patagonian nose flute or any other instrument you are learning. 


Music task for EYFS


London Rhymes is a project set up by a colleague of mine, Rosie Adediran. Take a look at her youtube channel videos but especially, learn her song 'How Clean Can You Be?'


Again, if you would like to send me an email/photo/video of your music making, that would be lovely, too!



Lessons for the week commencing: Monday 20 April


I have already mentioned the wonderful Ollie Tumner but just in case you have not heard of him and his colleagues, they are called Beat Goes On and they are running an 11am daily workshop through their youtube channel: A great time for a movement break!
Some listening activities for all children this week:
EYFS: Listen to this piece of music. I am not telling you its name or the composer, yet! Listen and move to the music as you feel it tells you to!
KS1: Like EYFS, by all means, move to the music as you listen. Now, create a piece of artwork to describe the sounds you hear. That might mean colourful patterns or a full picture depicting what you "see" when you listen. Don't be distracted by the title of the piece. Make your own imagery!
KS2: There are so many great dancers in KS2. Feel free to do some interpretive contemporary moves around your living room. It is only an extract from a much longer piece, Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copland​ There are lots of little details that I would like you to notice, so watch a second or third time and answer these questions through discussion with an adult:
1. Why are there so many empty chairs on stage? What does this tell you about the orchestration? (The way the composer chose the instruments for the piece.)
2. Which percussion instruments have been selected by the composer? Why? What effect on the listener is he perhaps trying to create?
3. When the motif returns the second time, how is it modified? (That's a lot of technical language! It means: when the melody line comes in the second time, how is it changed - in its instrumentation, specifically, I mean.)
4. Why might the Sao Paulo orchestra have decided to select this piece for performance at this venue? It is the Royal Albert Hall in London. Take a look at the wider angle shots. Would this piece have been selected if they were playing at Meadlands school hall? Discuss.
I am delighted to have found this clip with a woman conductor. I hope you enjoy the spectacle of the performance.
Anne Pearman


Lessons for the week commencing: Monday 30 March
Mrs Pearman has arranged access to a music site called
Please log on using these details:
We will email you the password on Monday morning. Once logged in, scroll through to find the song to learn as listed below. (There are only 20 songs available as this is a freebie during the school closure period.)
Early Years Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1
Please learn the song:  Animals
Key Stage 2
Please learn the song: That's just life
Do make use of the accompanying dance video, too!
​ALL CHILDREN might like to join Ollie Tumner Live on his Youtube channel - 11am - hopefully, Monday! There are a few videos from last week to catch up on, anyway! Search him up - he's great! He is an ex-Stomp member and now runs his own music company Beat Goes On.

Lessons for the week commencing: Monday 23rd March


Early Years Foundation Stage


Please use your clean and safe recycling to make your own instruments. You can then sing your favourite songs and accompany yourself with your instruments! Take a photograph of your instrument and email it to your teacher! Keep your instrument safe because when we are back in school we can make an Early Years orchestra! 


KEY STAGE 1 (Years 1 and 2) 


Body percussion is a fun way to make music. To get to a professional level, you'll need to learn from the best.....Ollie Tumner! Mrs Pearman has met him a few times and attended his workshops. He used to perform with Stomp  and now runs his own classes.


Follow/join in with Ollie's workshops.... 


Now you can make your own music and dance routine in a similar way, on your own or with your family!


KEY STAGE 2 (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6) 


If you have access to music apps such as garage band or soundtrap, create your own piece of music. It could turn into a song or rap, it could be a soundtrack for a stop-animation or to accompany a favourite section of a story. 


If you are learning an instrument, be sure to keep up your practise. This includes ukuleles for years 4 and 5 and recorders in year 3. And, if you do not have access to music apps, you can compose your own music using your instrument. I would like you to practise for at least 10 minutes a day. 


You could try notating your piece using conventional notation or writing down note names or chords. 


If writing your own piece of music sounds too tricky, then try beatboxing with these starter tutorials: 


Maybe, our very own beatboxer in year 3 might be uploading videos when he is much older!


Please enjoy one of my favourite beatboxers, Kevin Olusola, who is also an excellent cellist:   This is one you'll know...​


When we are back in school we will have a 'show & tell' session when you'll all be invited to perform your home pieces to your class friends in school. This is how Ed Sheehan began, so get going music makers... 


Happy music making!

Mrs Pearman

Subject Leader: Mrs Pearman




Curriculum Intent


Music at Meadlands inspires pupils to develop a love of the subject, develops their talents and in doing so, their self-confidence and indeed, all our school values. Pupils will leave having had the opportunity to learn at least two instruments and perform in a range of settings. We believe that these experiences are the route to not only outstanding musicianship but also forming well-rounded, socially adept and capable young people who can perform to a variety of audiences.


Curriculum Implementation


Pupils in Nursery to Year 6 receive weekly music lessons taught by the music specialist teacher, Mrs Pearman. Pupils are taught through a developmental curriculum, rooted in singing and practical music making, designed to nurture and challenge all pupils to become accomplished musicians. 


We believe that all pupils should have the opportunity to learn an instrument: Years 2 and 3 learn recorder and years 4 and 5 learn the ukulele. The national curriculum programmes of study for music are taught through the learning of these instruments. This is a springboard to taking up other instruments and honing broader musicianship skills.


Performances form an integral part of our academic calendar and offer children a range of experiences, from intimate school based sharing to external vast scale audiences: Key Stage 2 pupils perform at the O2 arena, London, at the Young Voices concert, and at The Rose Theatre, Kingston, for Richmond Music Trust Primary Singing Festival, for example.




The children attending choir this term have been busy rehearsing songs.  Please see below for the lyrics and music tracks for practising at home.

Change Your Life KS2 Melody.mp3

Moment Of Truth KS2 Harmony.mp3

Miracles KS2 Harmony.mp3

Upside Down KS2 Melody.mp3

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