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To gain a true understanding of our school, we encourage you to book an appointment and come and visit.  Our school prospectus is captured in the following short video.

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At Meadlands we dream big. Our mantra is borrowed from our literary hero, Roald Dahl  'We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams'. And our motto is Work Hard & Be Kind. What do these words mean to a kid like me at Meadlands? It means we learn more than just facts and subjects. We are taught how to learn so we can be adaptable and ready for the world we will be part of when we are older. Meadlands encourages us to be self motivated, to use our own initiative, to be resilient, curious, imaginative, determined and, above all else, to be kind and respectful. My teachers and staff know me very well. My learning is personalised to my own strengths and weaknesses. I have goals set to challenge me, to break down my barriers and overcome my difficulties, so I can always be better and do better. As a class, we make outstanding progress in our lessons. We are proud of ourselves and each other. As a school we all work to improve and grow it. Students, parents, care givers, staff, leaders and governors — everyone is invited to contribute. This is part of our experience.


Our school is committed to dreaming big, never resting on our laurels. The curriculum is always developing and improving, delivering the new skills and knowledge we will need for the future. Our school is a harmonious place to be. Where dreaming is nurtured. Where we know through hard work and kindness, every dream is possible.