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Trip Offers

Meadlands Primary School is committed to providing school visits as a positive tool to enhance and develop learning, build a sense of community, develop individuals, stimulate pupils’ imaginations, bring learning to life, and provide an experience of the local and wider world to our pupils as they begin their learning journey.


Our pupils derive a great deal of educational benefit from taking part in off-site activities. In doing so, they have the opportunity to undergo experiences not available in the classroom or on the school premises. Such activities help to develop children’s curiosity and their investigative skills. Whilst longer activities/visits in particular encourage greater independence and resilience.


Our trip offer falls into 3 broad categories, with children over their time at Meadlands, having the opportunity to participate in all 3:  

  • Whole class curriculum day trips
  • Sporting trips
  • Residential trips

Whole Class Curriculum Day Trips

Each class in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 has a trip every half-term, whereas children in Early Years have 2 trips per year in the spring and summer terms.


Carefully selecting our trips, we ensure they are used as an opportunity for children to deepen their understanding. We utilise the wealth of resources on our door step including trips to explore Richmond Park and Kew Gardens, boat trips along the River Thames, visiting St. Pauls Cathedral and Neasden Temple to utilising London museums and art galleries.


Alongside class trips, children in year 2 and upwards are invited to take part in Young Voices, a yearly music concert held at London’s O2.


Below is a breakdown of our trip offer. These trips are still being booked and will be confirmed by the end of the Autumn term.


Sporting Trips

Providing opportunities for children to develop their team working skills and a healthy level of competition we participate in borough and locally arranged sporting competitions ranging from full day events to friendly matches.

Residential Trips

From Year 2 upwards all children are invited to participate in a residential where the focus is on developing our Meadlands core values alongside team-working skills. Our residential trips are planned to be progressive in nature building up to from an evening away to a full week away from home.

Year Group


Year 2

Evening at school.

Year 3

Overnight sleepover at school.

Year 4

2 day residential at Thames Young Mariners with 1 overnight stay in tepees.

Year 5

2 day residential at Walton Firs with 1 overnight stay in cabins.

Year 6

5 day residential at Bowles with 4 days overnight stay.