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Meadlands Pupil Surveys
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Pupil voice at Meadlands is important. Our children have many opportunities to represent the school and be part of a team that make changes to the school. Important roles such as Class Ambassadors, Tour Guides, House Captains and Vice-Captains and the Junior Leadership Team are just a few ways the children get involved.
Each year we carry out a pupil questionnaire. The responses are carefully analysed and woven into our School Development Plan. Please see below the breakdown of responses from each of the year groups to each question.  
"I have got better at reading because I practice every day." Year 1
"This year I have got better at listening. I have got better at writing. I have got better at doing good sitting." Year 2
"I want a swimming pool - a really big one!" Year 2
"People need to improve their behaviour in the lunch hall." Year 3
"Nothing needs to improve, it's perfect here." Year 3
"I am proud of people who get a certificate on a Friday." Year 1
"I'm proud because I was the first to be invited to Mrs McGeoch's afternoon tea." Year 2
"I'm proud of the chickens. I love them." Year 5.
"I would like to say thank you to the cooks, they make nice lunches." Year 1
"Thank you Mrs Philps and Mrs Kelly. I like them." Year 2
"Mrs Devins has helped me get my numbers the right way around, thank you." Year 3.
"I would like to say thank you to Miss Taunton because she has helped me so much in my learning and made my work a challenge." Year 5
"Thank you Mrs Colclough for getting me through troubled times." Year 6
"Thank you Mrs McGeoch for making the school the very best." Year 5
Meadlands Pupil Survey results 2015
basic skills agency quality mark 4 healthy schools london bronze award eco-schools award sainsbury's school games gold 2015/16 Primary Science Quality Mark Silver ArtsMark