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Curriculum Intent

Art and Design at Meadlands is colourful, innovative and exciting. Art is delivered through a motivating and inspiring curriculum where pupils are introduced to the work of artists and designers and challenged to interpret and respond to these artworks using a range of materials and specific techniques. We are passionate about creating projects to nurture the creative imagination and encourage all pupils from Nursery through to Year 6, to experiment, explore and take risks. 


Curriculum Implementation

At Meadlands we have a specialist art studio which is fully utilised. We value the traditional skills of observational drawing and teach pupils to question what they ‘see’ and explore with their eyes: developing an awareness of line, scale, pattern, shape, colour, tone and texture. 


Pupils are taught specific drawing skills and also guided to investigate using a variety of different media, such as clay, paint, textiles, charcoal, collage, printing and photography. Pupils are also taught how to use art equipment appropriately.


Pupils thoroughly enjoy the imaginative approach to art lessons. They are guided to demonstrate their experimentation, explain their techniques and constructively critique illusions they create. As a result, there are always lively conversations during art classes where the pupils are given opportunities to interpret what they see and discuss their different opinions and perceptions. Pupils use sketch books to record their observations and experimentations and are encouraged to use them to review and revisit ideas.


At Meadlands, we actively reach out to specialists including practising artists, designers, photographers and animators who can bring their passions to school to enrich the pupils’ experiences of the creative industries.  In addition, pupils have opportunities to visit art galleries and exhibitions to further inspire and motivate them.


Each summer term we dedicate an entire week of lessons to art. Pupils work on individual pieces and often collaboratively, to create larger-scale artworks, including sculptures and set designs. All pupils’ artistic expression is celebrated and presented in a large-scale exhibition around the school.


Pupils who demonstrate great enthusiasm and potential are invited to take part in a specialist Art Club, where they are supported in developing further specific drawing skills. 


It is with great excitement that we are currently researching into incorporating more technology into the arts at Meadlands. The possibilities are endless and range from using macro-lenses, to capture minute detail and abstract images, to virtual reality painting and sculpture!

Examples of Work

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Year 2
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Year 5
Year 6

Subject Action Plans

Have a look at our Art & Design Policy in the policy section of the website here.

Celebrating Art Week 




“What a fabulous exhibition. I love the colour and I can’t believe how accomplished the artists are!”


Creative thinking (or ‘Dreaming Big’) continues to thrive at Meadlands. This year’s art week was called ‘sensation’ – being directly inspired by the Saatchi Exhibition of 1996. The expectations were that both children and teachers were going to create or experience a Sensation (A person, object, or event that arouses widespread interest and excitement). And, to be able to achieve this – they (both teachers and children) had to be prepared to take risks! Teaching the children to take risks meant teaching them to prepare for ‘problem solving’ and understanding that they had to look for the options for what to do next- even if it meant going back to the drawing board – literally!


Children were encouraged to recognise that not all artworks end up looking beautiful but they must not overlook the learning that actually took place. They also discovered that sometimes ‘creative accidents’ can look amazing! So Meadlands celebrated (captured and recorded- through photographs and sketch books) the ideas, the journey and the discussions and these were exhibited alongside (or even instead of) some finished pieces. The JLT played an important role in collecting and bouncing opinions and ideas for Arts Week. This allowed the Art Lead to make these ‘ideas’ happen.


During Art week, Meadlands children had the amazing opportunity to attended bespoke art classes at Orleans House Gallery; explore occlusion and shape with artist Martin Alton; investigate printmaking with artist Louise Anderson and take part in a Life Drawing Class with artist Robin Rutherford. In addition to this, Y2 to Y6 created animations with Duncan Raitt who is Head of Animation @ Plastic Milk and a selection of children from across the school were invited to work with Emma Hughes, a professional animal photographer. This was the perfect opportunity for Sika, our PAT dog to become a super model for the day!

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