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School Uniform


At Meadlands we have a compulsory  school uniform and PE uniform for all children from Reception to year 6 and it is very smart! 

After a year of research and consultation with children and a group of parents we have updated our PE uniform. The reason for doing this was to ensure consistency in uniform throughout the school, a kit fit for purpose (as PE lessons are often outside we wanted a product that was wind and shower proof) and as children now wear PE uniform to school twice a week, we wanted something that they were proud to wear as they are their school uniform. Our new PE uniform will be available to buy from MAPAC (click here for their website) at the start of July 2019, with an official launch from 1st September 2019. To give you time to buy the new kit and to avoid having to buy everything in one go (you can spread payments out, buying the tracksuit top in the autumn term and the new shorts in the spring!) we have a year transition period from the old kit to the new, therefore we expect all pupils to be in the new uniform and PE kit by September 2020


The school uniform consists of the following:


Uniform List:

  • Bottle green sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
  • Plain white polo shirt or shirt with school logo

  • Grey or black trousers

  • Grey or black skirt or pinafore dress

  • Green gingham summer dress (summer term only)

  • Grey or black school uniform shorts (boys & girls, summer term only)

  • Grey or black hijab

  • Black (plain) flat sensible shoes no boots or trainers

  • White or black sandals (summer term only)

  • Black or dark grey tights / Black, grey or white socks

  • Book Bag with school logo (optional) 


PE Kit

  • Bottle green tracksuit with school logo  

  • Yellow PE shirt with school logo

  • Bottle green school PE shorts (boys & girls) 

  • Bottle green school PE skort 

  • Dark trainers (as plain as possible please) – to be worn all day

  • White ankle sport socks or bottle green knee high sport socks


Children wear their PE kit to school on the days they have PE lessons, this includes swimming lessons, yoga, dance and boxing. Your class teacher will let you know which days these are at the start of term. 


Jewellery: children should not wear jewellery to school. Small stud earrings are acceptable. Please note that the school will not take any responsibility for jewellery that is lost.


Watches: We encourage children to wear watches from Year 3 upwards, please ensure that these are analogue watches and not digital as this really helps with time teaching and learning in class. During PE lessons watches must be removed and given to the PE teacher for safekeeping. Please note that the school will not take any responsibility for watches that are lost.


Hair and Make Up: No make-up or nail varnish should be worn to school, if children come to school with nail vanish they will be expected to remove it. Any boys or girls with shoulder length hair are expected to tie their hair up. No special hair bands should be worn to school as these can be easily lost or broken, please ensure that hair bands are suitable and the correct school uniform colours.


Purchasing School Uniform: If you would like help with ordering from MAPAC or would like help with payments for new uniform, please speak to Mrs Gee in the school office.


Children with Special Educational Needs: We understand that some of our children have sensory needs or may suffer from specific skin conditions. Please make an appointment to speak to Miss Bunker, our SENDCo, if you are concerned about the impact that our uniform material might have on your child. 


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