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Cycles and Scooters - Bicycles or scooters MUST NOT BE ridden within the school premises. They must first be dismounted at the entrance to the car park and then pushed to the public footpath before getting on them.


Collection at the end of the day - KS1 children MUST be collected by a responsible adult.  KS2 children are preferred to be collected by an adult wherever possible.  If another adult is to collect your child you MUST advise the person at the door in the morning.  If it is to be on a regular basis, a letter in writing should be provided with dates.  If your child is in Year 6 or the Summer term of Year 5 and you want them to be able to walk home alone please get form from the office.


Communication - Please remember to advise the office if your phone number or address has changed.


Absences - Holidays must be taken within the school holidays.  If you need to take time off within the school term YOU MUST complete a green holiday / day request form and give it to the school office.  The head teacher IS THE ONLY person who can authorise the absence.  If your child will be absent for a dental / medical appointment you complete a green form, provide a copy of appointment card or hospital letter, again the head teacher is the only person who can authorise an absence.


Parking - Please DO NOT park on the zig zag lines outside the school.  Please park responsibly.


Milk and fruit - As a healthy school we encourage all children to bring in a fruit or vegetable snack to eat at morning play.  Fruit is available to all EYs and KS1 children and those children in receipt of pupil premium grant.


Illness - We have had concerns raised by parents and staff about children being off school when they have been off with sickness.  May we take this opportunity to remind parents that children should be kept away from school for 48 hours following the last time they were sick or had a bout of diarrhoea in order to ensure that the illness is not spread.


If your child is ill you must phone everyday your child is away from school not just the first day: 020 8940 9207.


Mobile phones - Mobile phones ARE NOT allowed in the classrooms.  All phones MUST be handed into the office on arrival and collected at the end of the day. Failure to do this will result in the phone being confiscated.  Parents please remember to switch off your mobile on entering the school.


Late Arrivals - Please ensure that you sign the late book on arrival.  Your child MUST NOT be sent in on their own.  Persistent latecomers may be referred to the Education Welfare Service.


School Uniform - will be strictly enforced so please check the school uniform policy. Please ensure names are inside all school uniform.


Water bottles are encouraged in class as thirsty children don't work as well.  Please mark your child's name clearly on the bottle.

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